Time to experience a Tantra Bali Massage in stlye.  Lets discovery what this is and how it can benefit you.

Tantra Massage BaliExperience Tantra Massage Experience in Bali and discover the inner you.  Relax your mind and body and prepare for a spiritual journey.

Our tantra massage service aids the body utilising a natural healing process, it provides both physical and mental health benefits and improves one overall well being. Human to human contact specifically through touch and stimulation cannot be underestimated and is primeval dating back to cave days, massage is one of the most simple forms of therapy and is as old as civilisation itself.
Spoil yourself in Bali, embrace something new and exciting.  Take your body and mind on a journey that you have never experienced of thought possible.
Our highly trained Tantric Masseuses will show you the path of sensuality stripping away social taboos so you can surrender to this unique and sensual state of bliss.  The Balinese culture has many Gods and Goddesses and tantric massage is central to both the Hindu and Buddhist culture and belief system.  Let us help you enjoy your time on this Island of the Gods.
What is a Tantra Bali Massage?
A good question.
Both you physical and mental well being is relaxed and at the same time stimulated.  Sexual energy is aroused, unleashed and spread throughout your entire body triggering a full body response which is highly pleasurable and fulfilling.  A Tantra massage Bali service is so much more than just a Happy Ending
A Tantra Massage allows you to embrace yourself and celebrate the body you have been ordained with.  H, spirit, mind, emotional states, you physical body in particular your erogenous zones and genitals are all activated.  The Tantric method seeks to unite all your senses and transcend you to a level of pleasure not yet encountered.  Our aim is to help you strip yourself away from social taboos and experience something that exists in nature which you possess and is very natural to your very being.  We strive to help you  reconnecting with your body and easy your mind so you can walk away and celebrate a bitter life.
A Tantra Massage channels your sexual energy.  This practice is the art of relaxation the body and mind through arousal.   Initially you are relaxed and then you are taken into deeper relaxation and tension is removed from various regions of the body during the process of massage and directed to your main erogenous region the genital area. These areas are then manipulated though both the consent of the client and masseuse employing a variety of technique and stimulation is sustained and maintained and then through an orgasmic experience all tension and stress is released from the body and mind.  This process is self honoring and self empowering in a friendly, non judgemental, soothing, caring and sensitive fashion, taking the negative energy within your body and expelling and rejuvenating allowing you to connect with yourself.  This process and  build up ensures the for a powerful and climactic finish.
Benefits Of  Tantra Massage Bali Therapy
Stress Release!
The process of a full body targeting the tension areas and stimulating the nerve receptors helps to release tension and channel this tension to a focal point and release it from the body. This is not only relaxing to the body but also the mind itself is eased allowing for a deep level of mental calmness.  Endorphin are released throughout the body which are natural chemicals produced by the body that allow for the dissipation of free radicals Adrenalin and cortisone and associated stress hormones. Your mind and body are more centered, balanced and harmonious creating a strong sense of pleasure.
Widely embraced by Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist Cultures and Ancient Cultures but also in the West
Mainly embraced and practised in the East for stress release healing and pleasure.  This therapy spread from India to China and South East Asia.  The Greeks encountered this therapy when Alexander arrived in India and it spread and was used in Hellenic and Roman society as well and cultures of the Middle East such as Parthia/Persia.  Once Christianity spread and became the dominate religion  in Europe and Islam became the dominant religion in the Middle East these practices were associated with Paganism and were outlawed and shunned.
Blood Pressure Reduction
The action of massage in itself is a very healing process, as it helps to bring a reduction of blood pressure and alleviate this life threatening condition.
Improves Self Esteem and Self Image
Some people have a negative self perception of themselves.  This is common for people who are constantly judged and criticised. We strip this away through the process of massage and make the participant fully aware of their own being and how wonderful liberating and responsive their body can be.
Helps Combat Depression and Anxiety
Both Depression and Anxiety are negative emotional states and the body has a very natural pathway to deal with these aliments.   It has been scientifically show that this type of therapy can combat these negative emotions.
Increase of  Libido and Sex Drive
It increases your sexual drive and your hormones, as it stimulates the full body sensory emotions to increase, helpful if your under stress, tired or just need a boost, it is natural and 100% healthy. A natural health drive also helps to dissolve  anger and frustration.
Sensual & Erotic Arousal
It zones in on and elevates sensitivity,creativity and allows for one to be more aware and comfortable with their sensual side.  One can go forth and more successfully embrace intimate relationship with ourselves and in turn others. Our practice educated the recipient about their sensuality through erotic massages, this applied to both men and women and how they in turn can assist their partner/lover.
Ejaculatory Control
This is a major problem faced by many men and it robs them of a full and lasting experience. You should be the master of your own orgasm and develop and fine tune your own sexuality enjoying a longer arousing experience. One learns to connect the mind and body to sustain pleasure which is very self empowering.   Our qualified tantra practitioners understand who know how these energized work to maximize the impact so don’t settle for an alternative and be unfulfilled.
Promotes Optimum Sleep
People today are so on the go that their body and mind are in overdrive and they never properly rest.  Sleep is natural and an inability to sleep shows their is an imbalance.  Our process greatly assists with a good nights sleep.
A Better Lover
To be a better lover you need to first know what you like and feel comfortable with your self and allowing yourself to enjoy pleasure.  Once this is achieved you can focus on your partner and their needs.  Creating a better lover is a centre point and an outcome of this Therapy.

On holiday not better way to relax that a Tantra Massage while in Bali Enjoy your inner beauty and be indulged

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Our tantra massage service aids the body utilising a natural healing process, it provides both physical and mental health benefits and improves one overall well being
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