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Tantric Bali Massage providing exceptional stress-relieve services!

Are you on holiday or Business and wanting to relax and unwind.  We are the best Tantric Bali Massage providers on the Island and have been providing this service since 2010.

Are you looking for a unique massage experience yet found in bali? if yes then you have most certainly come to the right place!! we offer a huge range of different tantra massage service including authentic tantra massage service. At pure blissfulness we understand how important it is to have fully trained and experienced masseuses and all of our ladies have a minimum of 5 years experience in the art of tantra in Bali. whether you are looking to relax and unwind and de-stress after a hard days work or if you are need of some real erotic and sensual therapy we can certainly accommodate most if not all your needs!  Embrace Bali and the wonderful Hindu spiritual vibe on the Island.

Why Tantric Massage in Bali with a Happy Ending

The art and science of Tantra Massage originate approximately 4000 years ago in India and its foundation is healing the body and mind through sensual and erotic massage and utilizes a soft and erotic touch from the masseuse which allows the body to rejuvenate channeling stress tension and awakening sexual energies within the body. It is considered a spiritual and physical experience that is healing to the body mind and a an exploration into one’s sexual being providing a way for people to understand and explore themselves more sensually.

Scientifically Proven the aid the mind and body and decrease mental and physical aliments. Happy Endings Are Natural

Tantric force allows one to embrace the boundaries of physical pleasure, spirituality and mental therapy.  This service is ideal for people on holiday taking a break from their stressful like.  It is literally taking a person on an physical and spiritual healing journey utilizing breathing techniques, physical contact which have been proven scientifically to decrease stress levels, assist people who suffer from anxiety depression and aid neurological pathways, assist with alleviating sexual dysfunction as well increasing libido and enabling clients to last longer. Tantric therapy can greatly assist female to achieve an orgasmic state that may have previously been un-achievable and for males who frequently engage physically it can allow more powerful and pleasurable peaks.
Stress and a negative mental state is responsible or upto 90% of diseases both physical and mental, we teach clients different ways to achieve relaxation which is so important for people in today’s hectic lifestyle.  Invite us to help you the warm Bali way.  Don’t settle for an unfulfilling massage get one with a happy ending, and I stree this is for men and women.

A Tantra Bali Massage is a must to try.  It heals the body and mind whilst at the same time relaxing and heightening your senses.  Yoni is a service for Women while Lingam is a service for Men.

Feel Free to Experience A Fully Body Massege Session with our Pleasing Therapists  

A full body massage is a relaxing massage session that is beneficial for the body in many ways. It improves mobility and range of motion, relieves joint discomfort and pain, and increases circulation. The benefits of full body service extend to the extremities. The full-body movement of a massage is good for circulation and helps get more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and tendons throughout the body. This type of massage is usually performed by a massage therapist, but you can request a therapist who is familiar with the different parts of the body.

Full body massages can be very revealing for many people. A full body therapy is an excellent way to improve your self-image and reveal hidden areas that have been bothering you. You can even get a massage for the thighs or stomach. If you have a distorted body image, this can lead to many problems later on in life. This massage is perfect for you if you want to improve the way you view your body.

A full body service can be beneficial for anyone. There are no age or weight restrictions, and everyone can have a massage. The only people who can’t get a full body therapyare pregnant women, who can experience miscarriage if they go in for a massage during their first trimester. Also, if you are taking any medication, you should not get a full body experience. A full body massage therapist will consider your health history to ensure you’re safe, men and women can experience this pleasure and experience a deep connection.

Try A Four Hands Massage Delight

Four hands massage is a popular type of massage. The two therapists work together on different parts of the body and focus on different muscles at the same time. The two therapists will take turns giving you a full-body massage. Since the four therapists are working on separate parts of the body, they will have more time to target specific areas. This type of massage is often more luxurious than the typical Swedish massage and can be more beneficial to certain parts of the body.

This type of massage is performed by two trained massage specialists. The two therapists work at the same time on the shoulders, head, and feet. The therapists will massage in synchronized movements to achieve a more enveloping feeling for the client. The four-hand massage will also help to activate the body’s energy centers, known as chakras. It may also include other techniques. If you’re looking for a rejuvenating massage, this is an ideal treatment.

Four hands massage can be especially relaxing, and can improve your mood throughout the day. The simultaneous movements of two therapists will help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. Your body will also benefit from the improved blood circulation that synchronized massage offers. As a result, you will feel more rested and refreshed throughout the day. And it won’t hurt to feel younger, too. But a massage is not just for relaxation. It can also promote better physical health.  Gain men and women can enjoy this tantric massage service. 

When it comes to Sensual Massaeges, we are the experts

When done right, sensual massages can give you a sense of endless pleasure and euphoria. The massage technique will trigger a release of neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, which help you feel good. This helps your body eliminate catabolites and waste products. Your partner will also feel more relaxed after the sensual massage. Therefore, it is very important to use sensual touch as a regular part of your life.

A sensual massage will not hurt your partner, but it will make them feel better. It will not be invasive, so you can use it whenever you want. Moreover, you and your partner will be able to reconnect through it. The sensual touch will allow you to relax and stimulate each other. This will improve your relationship. This will strengthen your bond. But remember, sensual massages can’t be done to anyone under any circumstances!

It is important to understand that sensual massages aren’t only about sex. It is possible to perform them in the privacy of your own home and avoid the risks of getting in bed with your partner. In fact, the benefits of such a massage go beyond building up a man-woman relationship. You can improve your libido, overcome sexual pain, and learn to relax and enjoy intimacy. When done properly, sensual massages can help you connect with your partner and create a bubble of intimacy. It will help you feel a sense of deep love, physical pleasure, and a new level of intimacy.

Feel the Benetifs from a Total Body Massage

Before a total body massage session, you should discuss the desired results with the practitioner. Then, he or she will determine which parts of the body need to be worked on. A typical full body massage session includes work on the back, hands, legs, arms, neck, and head. The practitioner will not touch the breasts or genitals during a full-body massage. In addition, you should be fully clothed and bring a bathing suit.

If you are not sure what to wear or what type of clothes you should wear, you can discuss the benefits with the practitioner. You should be comfortable so the session can be a great experience. The practitioner will gently move you from side to side. He or she will tell you what to do and what not to do during the massage. Oftentimes, people choose to close their eyes during the massage. It’s important to communicate any changes in the pressure used, the amount of blanket used, or any other details with the practitioner.

It’s important to remember that each individual will experience different benefits from a total body massage. Many people find this form of therapy to be particularly beneficial. Swedish massage is ideal for those who are new to massage or who feel very sensitive to touch. In addition to releasing tension, this type of massage also relieves muscle knots. A Swedish session can last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. While a Swedish massage is relaxing, it doesn’t help with a specific health condition.


We Service Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Sanur

We are providing a unique experience and are highly recommended, we have been highly recommended  for many years.  Our therapists are specially trained to help you feel free and experience a blissful whole body experience. As they are specially trained and practice tantra yoga they can help you unleash sexual energy. with a deeply fullfilling sensual tantric massage service. Are credit cards accepted with a sensual massage, a simple answer. No credit cards accepted, payment is on cash for a delightful sensual massage serice, and the fee is very modest and wull enhance you life force energy.  

One thing to note, stay clear from cheap and nasty massage parlor providers, these massage parlour business are plenty but few will actually devlier to your satisfaction. Massage parlors like Flame Spa are great for being ripped off and these massage parlors always seem doggie and unplesant. 

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