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Lingam Massage has been practised for thousands of years and is more than just simply a physical experience. It is one of natures most powerful ways of purification available in Bali

Unique is the Lingam Massage Bali and is as spiritual as it is physical. The term originated in Ancient India and is a word from an Ancient Language called Sanskrit.  The Lingam is reference to the Male Sexual Organ and more specifically Lord Shiva’s Lingam.  It is an experssion of manhood and male prowess.  This massage is extremely pleasurable physically and mentally.  In Tantric the Lingam massage means Manhood Massage.  You may know this as a Hand Job or Happy Massage.

The primary focus of the manhood massage is to initially through touch stimulate and arouse the male Lingam to initially bring about relaxation then to create repeated pleasure and relaxation through his lingam stimulation and to to sustain this process and eventually to release all negative energy and tension from the body via the Lingam. It is as natural a process as eating food or drinking water and but only a specialist knows how to do these techniques properly.

Many men are haunted by negative intimate feelings which and feelings of inadequay with regards to their sexual ability or may have experienced a traumatic experience.  This technique can eliviate those negative feelings via focusing on the male erogenous zones such as the glans, the shaft the base and the testicles.

It produces positive aspects to men’s who have destructive feeling about their sexual capabilities and for those who had a terrific trauma experience.  This massage mainly concentrates on male sensitive areas like the glands,  testicles, perineum, etc,. Clients who experience this service report of tremendous pleasure previously encountered.

It is used as a tool for men who want to have extreme connectivity with their body and sexuality with their partner. This technique will assist clients to elevate previous traumas, negative emotions helping them to embrace their manhood and increase their confidence.

If the client is comfortable he and the practitioner can join together to create a state of bliss.  The service for one client to another may vary depending on the clients needs.  Some clients may want to be stimulated by the practitioners hands others may if they are comfortable require other strategies which the practitioner can facilitate. All these things are naturally occurring in nature.

Below are some direct benefits provided by this technique.

  1. Increase energy while being completely relaxed
  2. Increase in self confidence and self image
  3. Awakens and Strengthens male sensual organs
  4. Heightens spiritual growth and emotional maturity
  5. Revitalizes the muscle tone of a man
  6. Eliminates negative energy, tension and stress from the body
  7. Minimizes the likelihood prostate cancer
  8. Helps with erectile dysfunction and premature issues
  9. Oh yeah and feels Great!!!

Everyone Love A Handjob, Happy Massage or BJ, just like a foot massage only it feels better

A variety of techniques is used to bring in sensual arousing in men like but it is not limited to the practitioner simply using their hands as a healing tool.  The aim would be to get the client relaxed and confident enough to combine with the practitioner to bring about a state of tranquility which cannot be defined and is unique from client to client.

Periodic therapy has been proven to assist a decrease tension and stress especially if the client as recently gone through a bad relationship or is going through a stressful period or simply if he wants to relax and unwind.  This technique cannot be labeled as sexual intercourse and that would be far to simple and crude a term which has nothing to do with a spiritual and health promoting mind and body experience.  if done properly the client can improve his relationship with himself and in turn others.   Its your body mind and spirit and if you are comfortable where this technique leads and the practitioner is accommodating then we wish you a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

Experience the amazing feeling of a lingam massage in bali that only we can offer.  Don’t waste time and money in an unfulfilling spa.   Experience this in the comfort of your hotel recommended by wise Sages of old.

To learn tantric lingam massage, you need to set aside at least 3 hours for the session. To ensure the privacy of your partner, make sure to plan your time ahead. You should also prepare all the necessary supplies for the massage. To prepare the Lingam, heat some oil. If you are able to do so, consider using silicone-based lube, as it will not absorb easily and keep the Lingam’s sensitivity alive.

The best part of a tantric lingam massage is that it allows you to connect with yourself in a deeper way.

The technique has many benefits that can be enjoyed by both partners. It can help the client overcome particular blockages or issues and can also help the therapist create a connection between them. An authentic tantric therapist doesn’t have the responsibility of giving a happy ending for his client. Instead, he distributes his clients’ sensual pleasure throughout the entire body, leading to an orgasm. This intensely nourishing and satisfying experience can only happen when you are in a state of full ecstasy.

As with any other type of sexual experience, it is important to prepare yourself for lingam massage. Although the technique is not intended to induce orgasm, it is still highly effective for developing sexual awareness. Whether you are performing it on yourself or your partner, it is important to remember that this type of massage can be uncomfortable. For the first session, the instructor should practice breathing techniques with her client. This is because it is important to ensure the safety of the couple.

Sexual energy is the flow of sex in a relationship.

While it can be difficult to control, allowing sexual energy to transmute and spread throughout the nervous system can increase your satisfaction with your relationships. By focusing on this energy, you can enhance your workout and garden, as well as have more pleasurable sexual experiences. In this article, we will discuss ways to channel the sexual energies for more pleasure and enjoyment. Read on to find out how.

Lingam massages are extremely relaxing

They can be an excellent way to enhance your intimacy. This type of massage is usually done on two hands using a firm grip. This massage involves circling the tips of the fingers around the penis, or frenulum, which is located just underneath the head. It requires slow and steady movements and requires the partner to be completely present. It’s best to do this with a friend or a loved one.

Stimulate your sacred spot and experience a happy ending traditionally known by mystics as wand of light. A massage lingum style will bring back your drive and confifedence. There is a female equivilant and using the sandskrit word it is commonly known as a yoni massage. Women to have a sacred spot and massage is a tpe of therapy for month male and female participants to enjoy.

Bali Lingam Massage
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Lingam Massage has been practised for thousands of years and is more than just simply a physical experience
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