Well we are here and we are launching our new site and going live very soon.  April 2016 for us has been all about preparing to go live in starting the beginning of the new fiscal year or even sooner perhaps in May or June.  We are at this stage working on fine tuning the skill or our massage staff and will only allow the very best Tantra Massage Therapists to work with you our valued clients.  We want your experience to be a pleasant one mentally and physically and we are keen to deliver not a good but the very best Tantric Massage Service in Bali.  We have a simple philosophy which is “give the people what they want”.  If people come to Bali on holiday and what a cheap $5 massage that is not very good then we can point you to 100 different cheap massage services in Kuta or Legian where the masseuse is not trained at all and will just rub you down for 30-60minutes.   If people are looking for a much deeper and far more pleasurable massage that is health promoting and which transfers stress and tension built up in the body and mind to a central point of the male or female body being the erogenous genital area and then have that area manipulated to bring about a physical and mental climax releasing harmful tension and negative stress from the body they you can come to use for this service and we will deliver.   We look forward to providing this service very soon.

We are here new and rebranded April 2016

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