Almost mid-2022, June is tomorrow.

Finally, I can say the pandemic is truly behind us and we can all get back to what we do best. Have fun, lots of fun. It has been a very long time, many will agree far too long. We can all get back to normal which means international travel and holidays.


Bali has opened up several months ago but with strings attached. Getting back to your country of origin was also a bit of a headache but the dust just needed to settle, we just had to be patient and wait a few months for things to really settle down. Well, the happy days are here again. It is mid-2022 and I am declaring the nightmare is over, we can all return to Bali, which means a fun holiday and a sensual relaxing massage

We have all had to wait too long for a sensual massage

We all know a massage feels great and a tantric massage feels even better. Now once again you can experience such a delight when you have a holiday in Bali without erotic massage service. Our team is finally returning and operations will commence soon. How soon you ask? Brilliant questions, tomorrow is the start of June and we expect to be in full swing by the end of the month so if you are planning a vacation in Bali soon or are already here and want to experience a sensual massage experience then the news is good. We will be ready to take bookings soon.

Bali is back and that means we too will be back in business very soon

The airport is getting busier by the day, the beaches look similar to how they looked pre-pandemic in the restaurants and hotel resorts. Now let’s be realistic, it’s not 100% back but it has started and I would say it will ramp up from now till the end of the year. So when you are on holiday in Bali you want to naturally have fun. Great food, drink, a massage, and perhaps some sensual pleasure that is great for both the mind and body and can be enjoyed by a man, woman, or couple. So contact us on Whatsapp in a week or two.



Time For A Vacation In Bali and a Sensual Massage