If Indonesia did the same number of tests as the USA they would probably have more COVID 19 that the USA

What would you expect from a liar who will lie lie and lie again before the truth is unravelled. The answer is lies. What would you expect from people who are none analytical ignorant and have a national IQ of 86. Expect mass stupidity and ignorance. I don’t like fake news and fabrication simply because the truth in inconvenient. I like to see a situation for how it really is. How is Bali managing COVID 19? Lets take the real look.

There are only 13500 number of cases in Bali. The Government did not detect the virus for many weeks after neighbouring countries had reported the virus. Why? Apparently because their testing was too good. was it too thorough. No, they just were not testing enough. Nothing has changed, there is a deliberate effort to under test. Why? Because they would like to create the illusion that everything is alright. Reality is the complete opposite.

There are tens of thousands of unreported COVID 19 cases in Bali and millions of unreported cases in Indonesia. Yes, millions. The simple reality is if Indonesia did the same about of testing as the USA they would have more COVID 19 than the USA. Lets take a look at why this is the case.

Both Indonesia and the USA have large and comparable population sizes 270 to 300 million

Indonesia stopped flights from China many weeks after America.

Indonesia unlike the USA went for many weeks without a single case of COVID 19, why> They were simple not testing sufficiently.

Neither country had a national approach to managing this crisis

Neither county had a national lock down to prevent the spread of the virus.

Widespread lack of wearing a mask and social distancing in both countries. 50% of people across the USA not wearing a mask. Much much higher in Indonesia, 90% of people are not social distancing or wearing a mask (disclaimer: They are wearing a mask when commuting or in public so they don’t get a fine and when they visit friends, family, attend parties, weddings functions everyone takes of the mask and stops social distancing).

Both Governments have downplayed the virus, the Indonesian Government have stated it is like a flu and should not cause concern.

The only major differences is that the USA has a much better health system. The difference is incomparable. The other major difference is cultural practice treating the sick. Since Indonesia has such a dismal health system, when a family member is sick everyone comes together to look after the sick person. This is the complete opposite of what you should do during a pandemic and it is a widespread practice.

The only significant effort the Indonesian government has made during this pandemic is to under-report.

The single largest difference between the USA and Indonesia is the number of tests conducted. Indonesia is massively under testing and there is a reason for this. If they did more testing they would find more COVID 19 and that is very inconvenient. They have from day one under reported because the agenda is simple. Convince the masses COVID 19 is like a flu and brush off the pandemic to keep the economy rolling, keep making money. They have succeeded in convincing a very ignorant populace that there is no real danger and the problem is outside of Indonesia. The only significant effort the Indonesian government has made during this pandemic is to under-report.

I am interested in the truth, not fake fabricated results. Indonesia has millions of unreported COVID 19 cases, Bali has tens of thousands of unreported cases. We all want to make money, we all want this pandemic to be over but health and safety must be paramount. We will not interact with customers because it is the right thing to do. Bali is not safe at all but most people don’t even realise it.

Thousands of unreported COVID 19 cases in Bali
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