So it’s mid November and we are in somewhat unique and unprecident3ed times globally. We are in the midst of a pandemic that has infected tens of millions and killed over a million people. It has completely decimated economies and businesses around the world. There was hope that this would last a few months, Jan would make it one year. So how is Bali coping with stopping this virus running rampant?

It comes down to two things. The Government and their role controlling the virus and the people, the individuals who inhabit the island exercising self resonsibility. The reality is when you have a Government that is systemically corrupt at every level with senior politicians and officials that are purely motivated by greed combined with the national IQ which is 86 then things are looking very bleak indeed.

Instead of having a lock-down, the Government has encouraged domestic tourism, Worse, they are encouraging tourists from COVID 19 hotspots like Jakarta and Surabaya. What are they doing? They are helping the virus spread to Bali. Why? It might increase the economy and that means more money for them. The quarantine measures are a joke. You are possibly likely to get COVID 19 when being tested for the virus. Medical staff are not changing gloves when they prob around the noses of multiple people. If one person is infected and they don’t change their gloves they could infect dozens more

The testing is also a complete joke. They are testing 1-2 people per one thousand for this virus. All they official data is massively under-reported, the real numbers of people infected could be and most probably is in the millions. The under-reporting again is most likely intentional. The virus is seen as inconvenient and a hassle. The official protocol, just wear a mask. That’s it. Like a mask is going to cure everything. The Government has recently come out and stated COVID 19 is like a flu. There is a deliberate effort being made to brush this aside this pandemic and get the economy back regardless of the human cost. The economy was always the priority.

Lets then look at the protocol. Get everyone to wear a mask, this has to help right? Well wrong again. Everyone is wearing a mask when they feel like it. If you go into shops, even places that serve food, half the staff are not wearing masks. People are still visiting friends and family, attending weddings hanging out and sharing a beer and food. Are they wearing a mask? Absolutely not. They are however wearing a mask when they are on the bike, they don’t want to get in trouble. Make sure you wear a mask when you are on the bike, like that is going to stop this virus. At least they are checking peoples temperatures regularly. Wait a minute, if most people are asymptomatic then they won’t even have a temperature and could still spread the virus. Its an illusion of doing something while doing absolutely nothing.

It’s one big joke, the Government and the people are both to blame. Bali is not safe from COVID 19 nor is Indonesia. There are probably millions of unreported cases and worse thousands of deaths that are masked because the diagnosis ranges from anything’s and everything but COVID 19. The scary thing is you would not even know about it. It is very easy to fool a population with an average IQ of 86 and the Government has done a fantastic job at this. By mid year once it is safe to visit Bali contact us by right now it is just not safe.



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