An idiot could have foreseen this,  Bring more domestic tourists to Bali and more COVID 19.

Government allows Domestic Tourists to travel to Bali and unleashes a massive surge in COVID 19.

Back in March when the whole world had been slapped hard in the face by some new virus from China called COVID 19 I knew it was going to be bad. I could foresee responsible governments around the world completely shutting down for two months and taking another two months to recover from a brutal global pandemic. I was hoping things would get better around July. Oh I was wrong.

The assumption was based on two pivotal components, a responsible government and a population that was intelligent enough to recognise the danger and for every individual in a population to be responsible and minimise spread of the virus. Not only in Bali, or Indonesia but globally we have seen the opposite. We have seen stupidity, ignorance and selfish behaviour from a large percentage of the masses. We have seen many governments focus more on money and the economy thatn the lives of the people they are meant to serve. That is why in mid October this pathogen is still with us and getting worse.

In Bali a decision was made to reopen the island to international tourism but the government soon realised that the world was far from recovery so they wisely have halted international tourism till Jan 2021. This is a very rare thing, this is a wise and sensible decision. Unfortunately they made yet another terrible decision soon after. They opened up Bali to domestic tourism.

The Perfect Storm for COVID 19:

Greedy Corrupt Governments and Ignorant foolish Masses

Indonesia is a world leader in under reporting COVID 19. Official reports are just over 200000 cases. Add another zero. It is more accurate that the real figure could be 10 times the reported number. They are not testing enough and it might even be deliberate under testing to mask the true impact of the virus. Areas like Jakarta and Surabaya are swarming with COVID 19 and the government has opened the door and now letting people from these areas come to Bali on holiday. They have made a decision, money and the economy over people lives.

Its not surprising the government actually does a very good job at looking after the rich and elite rich. It’s their core function and that means helping the rich make money. Indonesia has plenty of people, they vast majority are poor and not much thought or concern is given regarding their well being or lives. So lets bring lots of people to Bali, let them travel in groups so if one person should get infected the whole group will get infected and spread the virus in Bali. It the perfect storm and it will improve the economy. They average person will not benefit but the rich will make some money which is better than nothing.

The average person would not even notice the impact of this virus in Bali apart from the complete lack of international tourists. . Again the locals seem completly unaware of the danger. Life goes on as normal. Social distancing, what’s that? Lets go to the mosque, the temple, lets catch up with friends and family. This mask is becoming uncomfortable, lets take it off.

A corrupt government purely focuses on looking after the interests of the rich combined with a population that has a low IQ and has no real understanding of what a virus is or the risks posed iis a perfect environment for this pathogen to spread. COVID 19 has in the last few weeks gone through the roof but you would not even notice it. Ignorance is bliss. This pandemic has got much worse in Bali and will stay for many months to come. We would love to provide you with a sensual tantric massage but unfortunately that will have to be put off till next year as Bali is too dangerous right now to provide such a service.

Bali Opens to Domestic Tourism and COVID 19 dramatically increases.
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