So we are into September and the official Government reports indicate just over 200000 cases of COVID 19. Is this figure accurate. No!!! Absolutely not. Scientists predicts was around 1 million cases in early August and this virus is a great spreader and now a month later this number could possibly be well over 1 million cases of COVID 19 in Indonesia moving up and up every day. So what is going on?

Well it is very simple really, when you have are group of people at the top who constantly lie don’t expect them to tell the truth expect them to do what they do best, lie. The people at the top running the country have an agenda and it has nothing to do with saving lives. Their focus is on getting the economy back and making money for the rich. That is the chosen path and they need to paint a picture that everything is under control. Last week Joko was announcing that Indoniesia is doing well at managing this pandemic, less than 200000 cases with a population of 270 million people, what a great job they are doing. What a great success. The only problem is that it is not true.

The only thing they are achieving is massive under-testing and massive under reporting of this virus. This will cause problems with their economy in future months. No external government believe the figures and this rhetoric from this government, they can see the lies very clearly as can the scientific community. Indonesia will be blacklisted and labelled an unsafe place to travel to in a few months time when commercial flights and restrictions around the globe ease. Neighbours like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand will not openly accept people travelling from Indonesia due to the spread of infection and the risk it creates.

The economy is clearly the priority even if millions risk being infected, the new normal

The people at the top don’t seem to be bothers about any of this, They have a local market of 270 million consumers and want them to spend money so the message is very clear and simple. It’s the new normal, just wear a mask and continue as before. Go shopping, buy consumables, have parties, weddings, travel internally around Indonesia and just wear a mask. This will help the domestic economy and it will also help spread COVID 19. The Government has made it’s decision, they made the decision months ago. The economy and protecting the wealth of the rich and super rich is more important that the lives of the poor. They are prepared to risk the lives of million to protect the economy. That is exactly what you can expect, now it all makes sense.

Over 4million Cases of COVID 19 in Brazil and India, they both had a lock down, Indonesia never had a full lock down. Maybe India and Brazil are just more successful at reporting the virus.

So keep fudging the figures, the electorate in Indonesia are very gullible and will accept anything they here from politicians, expect more under reporting and comments from senior officials saying “we are doing a great job”. Yes you are, a great job at fudging the figures and letting this virus spread. Indonesia in terms of population, climate and close nit communities shares many similarities with India and Brazil. Brazil has just over 4million cases of COVID 19, they had a lock down, India also has just over 4million cases. Indonesia never had a lockdown so it would be absolutely no surprise if the figures were comparable with these two nations. The politicians can fool the majority of people but no the wider global community. Great job hiding the figures, focusing on the economy and allowing millions to potentially be infected. We would love for you to relax be able to visit Bali get a deeply satisfying massage but we will not open any time soon, it is just not safe.

Scientist suggest over 1 million cases of COVID 19 in Indonesia at the start of August
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