Bali Governor advises drinking Arak c an cure COVID 19 maybe we should experiment with a beer or Bintang

Bali Governor Says Drinking Arak can cure COVID 19, I’m not surprised

This global pandemic is brutal, there is no other word to describe it. Currently over 21 million have been infected and the global death toll is 757446. In Indonesia the figures stand at 132816 with a fatality rate of just under 6000 however there is massive under reporting in Indonesia, the Government either cannot or does not want to increase testing, Most likely it’s the latter. The real figures are presumably similar to India and Brazil which means many times higher than the official numbers.

Wild and crazy claims have been made by many politicians at the onset of this pandemic that would be laughable, insulting and sack-able in most countries with competent Governing bodies but have gone by without any repercussion. The minister of Health declared that drinking Jamu, a local drink made from Tameric could cure COVID 19, of course with absolutely no scientific data to back up the claim. He also said in March Indonesia was immune to covid 19 due to it’s unique tropical climate. Indonesia does not have some special unique environment and was not immune to COVID 19, they just weren’t testing sufficiently. Again if a Health Minister in any other country uttered such nonsense their political career would be over but nothing, he is the Minster of Heath, he must be correct. When he resigns maybe he can become a Gojek or Grab driver or perhaps still work in the Health Industry as a hospital cleaner.

Not to long ago in Bali more nonsensical comments have been spoken by none other that the Governor of Bali. Wayan Koster claims that drinking Arak, a strong alcoholic drink can cure COVID 19. Guess what, once again instead of being laughed out of office these comment are not criticised at all. Maybe the Governor is correct, lets all start drinking Arak to cure this dangerous pandemic. Perhaps when he resigns from being Governor he can work in Circle K or Alpha Mart selling alcohol.

These girls can stop selling beer and work for us massaging your sensual regions

In truth the Indonesian Government has done a very good job at looking after the rich and elite rich of Indonesia, sure they will lose money but they will still make money because the masses will simply trod on and work for them even during a pandemic, if they get infected and died there are millions more to replace them. This is the mindset. The Government just has to under-report, tell people to pray to God and more hocus-pocus, ignorant people will believe the rhetoric. The role of the Government is to simply perform two tasks, the look after the wealth and safety of the rich and elite rich and to ensure the poor don’t starve. People who starve have a track record of revolting and no government wants that. That is it, two tasks. Keep the masses, feed, ignorant and tell them to embrace the new normal so they can go back to work so they can put food on the table and more importantly, make money for the rich.

The latest piece of hot air is the Government will now develop a vaccine against COVID 19, yeah right. It’s called Bintang, drink it and not only will it cure the virus it will increase your manhood by two inches. The irony is that stupid ignorant people will believe it. Perhaps when this is all over book a Sensual Happy Ending Massage, that does actually promote health and there is scientific evidence to back this up.

Vaccine for COVID 19 Drink A Bintang
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