They New Normal…..More People Dying Every Day while Neighbouring Countries are Overcoming the Virus.

How Many Cases of COVID 19 Every Day. Over 2500, No Possibly over 10000 Cases Every Day

When you have a Government with a primary objective which is to show face and pretend everything is under control. Expect them to hid information from the public when things get out of hand. The situation has been out of hand since day one. Back in Feb the response has been complete denial, lack of a concrete plan and transparency.

The lack of transparency is most likely intentional. Remember the prime objective is to not look stupid. The unfortunate truth is give a situation enough time and the truth starts to unravel. The situation is very very bad. Far worse that what the official data is suggesting and the official data is getting worse and worse by the day.

Today just under 2700 cases, a record high. Yesterday over 2600 cases a record high, in fact every day for the past week there has been a record high of over 2000 cases. Now for the scary reality. How many people are actually being tested. There is massive under-reporting. The real figures will be a mystery for some time but it is many times higher than 2500 cases per day. The virus has been getting worse and worse and the government response and attempt to cover this up is no different.

The latest rhetoric is the “new normal”. Let’s go back to normal life, we need to adjust to the “new normal” and return to the way things were. This is the response when it is getting worse. Madness, no economics.

The government looks after the richest 1% of society and needs to look after this groups bank balances. They are simply doing their job, they want the masses to go back to work so the richest people will make less money due to this pandemic but importantly still will make at least some money. This top 1% of people are the fortunate ones. They don’t have to work for a living and most importantly they don’t have to interact with the public on a daily basis and risk exposing themselves and their families. They care about the bottom 99%, they need people to collect the garbage, tend to their gardens etc and if 1 million or 10 million people get sick and die it’s very sad but they have millions more to help grow their bank balance. The top 1% echo “get back to work, make me some money”. The governments response “we must embrace the “new normal”, move forward and live with the virus”. Easy words to say when you are not in the line of fire.

The “new normal” is simply put, this virus will get worse and worse every day when the objective is to show face and look competent even at the expense of the people, well at least the bottom 99%.

The New Normal 2500 cases of COVID 19 Every Day No!! Much More
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