When will it be safe for Tourists to Return to Bali?

Well this is the question everyone is asking. When will it get better? When will the tourists return? When can we open our business and start making money again? When will life return to normal? This is the question locals, business owners and tourists are all asking. So what is the answer?

Lets briefly look at the problem. In order for life to return to normal a few critical things need to occur. Countries where tourists come from need to improve massively. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China. UK, UE countries, India, Malaysia. These are the main tourist countries for Bali so these countries need to massively reduce their rate of infection. The good new is most of these countries are reporting effectively and reducing their rate of infection.

This pandemic is a war on two fronts, well at least two fronts. It is a pathological war and a financial war. People in these mentioned countries have all been hit hard financially. Many people have lost their jobs, their finances have taken a massive hit so spending money on a holiday is the last thing people need. Tourism globally and more specially Bali will take a massive hit for months to come.

Then there is the issue of being able to travel with minium risk. Potential tourists need to book affordable flights, reliable flights and need to feel same from potential infection. Procedures will need to be established to minimise risk while commuting to a tourist destination like Bali.

Now for the biggest Issue Facing Bali

Now for the biggest problem. How has the tourist destination managed the crisis. The official numbers in Indonesia and Bali to date are not too overwhelming but how accurate are they? They are completely inaccurate. Less than 1000 people per 1 million are being tested for this virus in Indonesia so the official data is completely unreliable. Today just under 2500 deaths and just over 45000 confirmed cases. The actual figures are more like 20 times this amount. Indonesia shares many similarities to Brazil and India and these two countries to date have been hit the hardest by COVID 19. So what is the difference between Brazil, India and Indonesia. Just one difference, they are doing a much better job reporting the infection rates and death tolls.

So Bali like the rest of Indonesia is now full of COVID 19, many many times more than the official figures depict and it will continue to get worse and worse over the next few months and the official numbers will be massively under reported .

So when will Bali recover from COVID 19, most likely mid 2021 when a vaccine is available. Bali and Indonesia will simply not be a safe place to travel to for many months. We will most likely open in three or so months for people who are able to visit Bali and want a Sensual Massage. The date is yet undetermined.

When Will Bali Recover From COVID 19
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