Bali most possibly not safe to travel here well into 2021

So in a world full of information I like to see a situation for what it is. No fluff, no hidden agendas and no fake news. COVID 19 is a global pandemic, it has had a catastrophic impact on pretty much everyone’s lives. When will this end,? When will this all be over? Right now in mid May 2020 it is all very uncertain.

What is however very clear is some countries have done exceptionally well to combat this virus, in particular neighbouring countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Singapore bore the brunt of this pandemic but they seem to now be winning the war against this pathogen and Malaysia is also showing resilience.

The situation in Indonesia and Bali however is very very different. Reports today indicate that over 1000 people have died from COVID19 in Indonesia. Really, is that really correct, I strongly encourage you to question these figures. How many people have been tested out of a massive 270 million people?? Not many at all, in fact I believe less that one person in 1000. How many deaths have gone unreported? In Indonesia you don’t need to investigate the cause of death so many more people could be have actually died from this virus and the official reports of just over 1000 could be massively skewed. No, one cannot trust these official figures, the more accurate figure while impossible to know would possibly be many times the stated figure. These numbers simply cannot be counted on as reliable. If a country is not conducting sufficient testing to see how many people have the virus, the death toll date is unreliable and the measures in place to contain the virus are farcical then this pandemic will only get worse, much much worse. Over 1000 deaths which is massively under reported and the government has not instilled a country wide lock-down. This problem is not going to massively get better so where is this going to lead to?

Again you will never know the full impact as all the data is very unreliable but COVID 19 will simply spread and continue to spread. Governments have an agenda, to get life back to normal and the rhetoric in a months time will be everything is OK, we will have to wear masks and embrace living with this pathogen for now. So while your government has lead a serious fight against this virus and the situation your country improves, in many other countries it will be very different. So what off Bali?

Bali will simply not be a safe place to visit well into 2021. It has some geographic distance being an island but give it a month of so and people will be entering Bali from other parts of Indonesia and bring the infection with them. The measures in place to contain this virus have failed and will continue to fail unless there is a total lock-down and that will most likely not happen. No one wants to go on a vacation and have to wear a mask or be in constant fear of catching this pathogen so while your country slowly eases lock down measures be aware that other countries have completely failed to manage this crisis. I am not blaming or accusing anyone, I am just stating the facts. This virus will be more successful at spreading in certain courtiers and it will continue to spread in Indonesia and Bali over the next four to five months. As a result I am completely and honestly advise you to cross Bali off the list of places to visit for the remainder of 2020 and even well into 2021. Don’t believe the hype, it will be very unsafe to travel to Bali for many months to come and my agenda is not to fabricate the truth to boost the economy and tourism, my agenda is to keep you safe from this pandemic.

Stay Away From Bali Till At Least 2021
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