Truck Spaying Disinfectant. A real Fugazi

Many of us criticise politicians and governments. In the western world it has become as common as complaining about the weather. Leaders like Trump, Boris Johnson and so on are often criticised and even ridiculed for making poor decisions but the truth is these Politicians and Governments are actually outstanding compared to some. Now I don’t like mentioning names or countries or even pandemics but this is a perfect example of how a government can pretend to fight a global pandemic but actually help the pandemic spread through half measures and deliberate stupidity.

First you require politicians who excel and are masters of being completely incompetent. People who are totally not qualified to manage a Mac Donald’s restaurant let alone an entire country. Then choose someone to be the Minister of Health. This person is the most incompetent out of the whole bunch. This is where one must start. The Health Minister reports to the President of this land and this individual has the persona of someone who has just woke up from bed. Nothing about this person resembles anything of a leader and this person will spend most of his time in hiding while the mess unfolds and occasionally, very occasionally be seen for the cameras in an empty hospital or uttering some more nonsense. What a great Team.

Lets move on. This Minister of Health is allowed to prove his incompetence again and again. Statements such as, we must thank God that there are no cases of this virus and we must pray to God to protect us from this pandemic. The Minister should have been sacked immediately but no this will never happen when everyone else on the Team is just as useless. When questioned by savvy journalists on how many people out of a massive population of lets say over 250 million people, how many have been tested. The response from this useless person is 103. When asked why such few people have been tested the response from the Health Minister is we lack the budget. Off course you lack the budget. You are too busy hiding the money in your wife and kids off shore accounts. When questioned by neighbouring countries and the WHO the response is we always tell the truth and never lie. Trying not to vomit is proving difficult as we try to swallow the crap coming out of this persons mouth.

Let us move on, let’s show absolutely zero leadership. What can we do? lets get spokes people to speak on our behalf. Yes let’s hide from the public so we don’t look stupid. No, you just look like weak, incompetent and should not be in the job. It gets worse. Lets get the spokes person to make completely stupid statements like rich people must now look after poor people and poor people must not spread the virus to rich people. Wow, where do I start. Let’s just move on and lets keep this moron still in the job.

Let’s get every region to manage this pandemic instead of have a unified national approach. Why should we do this? Well once it spreads out of control we can blame the regional Governors and make them look incompetent. Yes lets do that, lets be brilliant at hiding are incompitence.

Let us also call for people to practise social distancing but again we must pray and thank God. Lets right in the middle of this pandemic allow a certain theology’s place of worship to remain open and continue with religious festivals, well just for one religion. But wait let’s take a picture with people washing their hands when entering these places of worship and let us spray them with some disinfectant. Yes that will look good and keeping the their theology’s place of worship open and having millions of people every week to keep interacting is a great example of social distancing. Yeah right.

Now lets look really good, lets show us in action spraying and disinfecting streets with disinfectant, we can go further. Drones, yes drones spraying disinfectant, that’s a great shot for the cameras. Like that is going to work. In a country where the top one percent of people are still making money and have zero regard for the masses what do you expect. They will be in complete isolation, protect themselves and if they happen to get really unlucky and get sick they will ensure their families have the very best medical access available. As for the masses, they have absolutely no regard what so ever, they never have and never will. This in manufactured incompetence.

We can go further, when people start dying in hospital lets publish the wrong figures and blame the hospitals saying they were the ones who forgot to inform the Government of all these deaths. Alarm bells should be ringing. Can anyone trust the figures being published by such a Government. All one has to do is look at the death toll and the number of case reported to see that people are dying at a very fast rate of the real numbers of people with this virus are not being reported.

I have not mentioned any names or any politicians or the country in questions but this country and Government are world leaders in corruption, greed and manufactured mass stupidity. The people will get the Government they deserve, when most of the nation are brain washed by a wicked theology then enjoy reaping what you sow.

Hopefully in 2021 when the tourism sector returns to normal you can come to Bali and enjoy a relaxing massage.

Pretend To Fight A Fight, Manufactured Incompetence
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