Smegma Natures Lubricant

Today we live in a world were showering once a day with medicated soap that is strongly perfumed is an absolute minimum. We have become much more sexually liberated over the past century but our tolerance for bodily odures have diminished considerably. A few decades ago it was commonplace to not bath once a day but rather once a week. People just did not really have time to have a shower or bath on a daily basis. It was a once a week thing usually when they were going out on the weekend and wanted to put their best foot forward.

Go back a few hundred years and the situation is very different, people in certain parts of the world especially colder climates would shower once a year or less. Hygiene was not important and we all know if we don’t wash a female vulva or guys foreskin after just a few days that cheesy nasty substance builds up. It has a name, smegma.

Smegma today is totally taboo but a few hundred years ago when too people hooked up mother nature had a fondue going on. Yes it is totally gross but an uncut guy with a years amount of smegma would hook up with a woman with a years amount of smegma. Interestingly women produce about 5 times the amount of smegma as an uncut guy, When penetration occurred it would be a very gooey sticky affair but think about it. Today we have all sorts of lubricants to help the glide but hundreds of years ago this was not the case.

Smegma has a very important benefit, it was natures lubricant, it would decrease painful friction and increase that natural pleasurable glid. Yes it is still totally gross and disgusting but mother nature does things for a reason and simply does not care about social norms or our ability to smell. There have been studies that suggest smegma normalises the Ph levels in a woman’s vagina increasing the likelihood of sperm to survive that helping out with fertility.

Today oral sex is the norm and seems to be for the most part of normal foreplay but I think it would have been very rare to engage in oral sex in a time when smegma was used as lubricant. Maybe that is why oral sex previously had such a bad rep, it was considered dirty because well going down on a guy or girl with smegma is just totally disgusting.

People are still having sex but it has changed of the past 100 or 1000 years. It’s the same but it is very different. I have to say thank God for lubricants to help with that guiding motion because regardless of how I look at it smegma is just plan and simply gross. Now I am not endorsing overly perfumed shower gels and soaps but having a good wash once or twice a day with warm water would be what I consider natural no offensive and good hygiene. I will stick with the lubricant, sorry mother nature. So remember when you want a sensual massage in Bali to have a quick wash with warm water.

Natures Intimate and Gross Lubricant
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