Finally, it appears to be the case. Bali is about to open up for mass tourism again, it has been two years since this pandemic hit and destroyed global tourism and specifical tourism on the island of Bali but it looks like we can return to normality. The world is opening up and that means commercial flights and travel should start to become easier over the next few months.

The Bali Visa on Arrival has been reissued to certain countries and if you have had two vaccines and test negative then there is no need to quarantine. So what does this all mean? It means very soon, you can now come to Bali in safety and enjoy our relaxing and pleasurable service . When have been closed since early 2020 and finally, it looks like we will be back in business very soon.

We have all had to wait far too long for a tantric massage in Bali or specifically for men a lingam massage or for the ladies, a yoni massage. Finally, we can say the wait looks like it seems to be over and we can go back to letting someone with a vast amount of experience play with and stimulate our genitals and create a powerful orgasmic experience. Brilliant!!!

So make sure when you visit Bali that you try our service, we pride ourselves on delivering a pleasurable and memorable service that is affordable and an awesome experience when the therapist will please you in the comfort of your villa or hotel room. We predict tourism will be fully back in late April and that is when we once again plan to commence operations.


Bali is Opening Let the Fun Begin