Being intimate with another person should not involve a government, they need to focus on the big issues not your life

Since I am not based in Bali or Indonesia I have access to news that people in Bali are not preview to. Topics come up now and then and recently there has been some discussion on Bali and a crackdown on people who are not married sleeping together while holidaying in Bali. This Law has existed for many decades in Indonesia but has always been overlooked and never been enforced by local authorities as they have the common sense to understand it will have a massive negative impact on tourism and thus revenue for many people ranging from locals to top echelons of Government.

There has been recent announcements from Jakarta that this Law will now be enforced, one does not know how serious this will be as politicians like to say things but seldom take action. Well, here in internet world I have an opinion and I will embrace my democratic values and share my stance on the matter.

Governments in Democratic counties around the world have a job. It is easy to measure their effectiveness by looking as certain things which are cornerstones of the tasks good governments should pursue. These tasks include but are not excluded to the below…………..

Looking after the environment through policy and practice

Providing services such as hospitals, waste removal, emergency service

Ensuring the top 10% pay their taxes

ensuring the poorest people in society have a safety net and quality of life

ensuring workers have basic and equal rights

ensuring minorities are not discriminated against in legislation and practice

Ensuring society is safe and criminals are punished

ensuring corruption is minimised

I can go on and on but these are the main ones that come to mind. Now look at the country you live in or are holidaying in, look at this list and it is easy to gauge if your government is good, average, fair or poor. Now there are things good are fair governments should simply butt out off, they include things like your choice of religion, your choice of the person you love, your choice of the profession you decide on and who you have sex with and when you decide to have sex with that person unless they are a minor. It is simply not their business to interfere.

A good Government has plenty of serious issues to focus on and needs to stay out of peoples personal lives and focus on the big issues. All too often governments that fail on the important issues i.e, crap governments will try to distract the masses with stuff they have no place to be involved with. Our opinion is no matter where you are in the world, if you meet someone and both parties want to be physical, are over 18 years old and intimate then it is between both of you. If you are offended by this stance and happen to work in government, we simply don’t care. You need to focus on the big issues not peoples lives.

We are just to clarify providing a pleasurable and therapeutic tantric massage. We are not provide a service that involves sex but should you have any concerns see our legal disclaimer.

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