OK now this is something alot of people especially heterosexual men may not be aware of. Facial hair depending on the volume, type of growth and coarseness can feel smooth and feather like or it can feel like rough sandpaper, yes sandpaper. Now that’s not particularly an issue unless you are going to kiss your partner, it may reduce the indented effect of the overall experience. So if you are a guy and you are contemplating smooching someone you care for you may want to consider having a shave.

Now let’s move on a bit further. Where are you? Well I am taking a guess, you are either in Bali right now or are possibly planning to visit Bali fairly soon. Bali is in the tropics, every day it is 30 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees. Now 30 degrees is hot but depending on the season it is either very humid or unbearably humid. What does this mean? It means you will sweat, sweat and keep sweating. It also mean when you take a shower you will not be able to dry your self completely. You are pretty much wet all the time and this can be very uncomfortable. Now Balinese are not particularly hairy people but if you ancestors are from much cooler climates like Europe or dryer climates like the Middle East then you will be shocked at how much you sweat and having alot of body hair if you are a guy or man or a woman will not help the situation at all. For hygienic reasons and general comfort I would definitely investing in a personal body shaver, it will make your stay much more comfortable. When you get a massage you will smell alot fresher and cleaner and the hands and oil will feel much smoother over your body and overallvfeel far more fulfilling.

Now finally, if your facial growth is like sandpaper and kissing your partner is uncomfortable imaging what it would feel like if you engaged in going down on your partner and attempting to please them. It would hurt, it would be very uncomfortable and ruin the whole experience. Equally if you were down on your partner and their pubic region was like a tropical jungle and hair kept on going into you month it would not be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Now we strongly do not recommend shaving this area with a face razor, we recommend you purchase a body groomer and take full advantage of it. If you want a hand job and are in Bali visit us.

Shaving the Face your Body and the Sensual Areas
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