We are living in 2019 and we often think we have evolved to a place of acceptance and open mindedness. We are free to choose our religion, we can date and depending on the country marry who we chose even if it is the same gender. People and ethnic groups that were historically discriminated against and at times systematically discriminated against now have some level if of equality and even Government programs to help them succeed in society.

Yes we have come along way especially with Sexuality and our Sexual Preferences and equally with Health a Welbeing. Practices such as Yoga Meditation and Self Hypnosis were once considered wacky and only for very alternative people our now main stream and practiced by nearly everyone. More specifically you now have many different types of massage, Swedish massage, Foot massage, Deep Tissue Massage etc and most people are open to trying various forms of massage.

There is however still a huge stigma when it comes to getting getting a massage along with a simple handjob. It’s 2019 and this is for some reason still considered dirty or unnatural. A hand job with an orgasmic climax after a massage is the perfect form of stress release and is beneficial to both the mind a body. I encourage you should you be in Bali to try our massage complete with happy ending. Enjoy life!!!

Have we as a Society become more Prudish
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