Have you ever wondered what is the best soap product or experimented with different shower gels to ensure your private parts smell fresh and clean. Well if you have you are definitely not alone apparently it is a multi billion dollar industry. So the question remains what is the best soap to ensure you smell fresh and pleasant down their?

Warm water. Yes that is all you need simple warm water. You should rinse and wash well with warm water at least once a day better still would be twice. That is it. Soaps gels and all these artificial produces will actually do more harm than good and can cause irritations and allergies. They can simply to more harm than good to your sensative pleasure areas so the next time you feel tempted to have a good scrub down their with a your favorite shower gel start to just use warm water.

Now your private area will unfortunately not smell like lavender or pine wood but wait a minute it was never meant to smell like than. We live in a culture where we are constantly told body odor is bad dirty and disgusting. Well is it not and your body especially your private area should not smell like they latest and greatest perfume.

Now saying all that is should not smell like a dirty bacterial build up. As mentioned the foreskin and the vaginal lips should be washed a minimum on once a day with warm water and if you know you are going to be sexual with someone yes have a quick wash down their to make sure it is fresh and equally important natural.

A Vagina should smell like a freshly rinses vagina as should a penis. They will have a natural smell that is faint and not overpowering and not dirty, Time to put down the soap and shower gel or leave that to other areas of the body such as arm pits and the anal area. Remember once a day warm water is a must.

Remember to take are advice shower before booking a happy ending massage

Best Soap For Washing Your Private Parts
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