Time to Experience a Pleasuable Girl on Girl Massage in Bali

So many people have a perception that one man want and will pay for a massage with a climatic release. They think that men will want a massage that comes complete with a happy ending or some sexual element to the massage. Well it is correct that many of our customers are men but what may surprise you is that a significant portion are also women. Women in their 20s and women well into their 60s. Women also want to enjoy a sensual caress while being massages and an orgasmic climax. Why not, it’s good for the body and mind.

Now there are differences when providing a tantric massage for a man and woman. They both want a strong and relaxing massage, they both want the massage to be beneficial for the body but also want it to feel relaxing and pleasurable and importantly they both want their genitals to be stimulated and end with a strong orgasm.

Now there is a difference between providing a tantric massage on a man and a woman, it’s a very big difference and it centers around time. Men find it much easier to relax and therefore find it much easier to experience pleasure and you guessed it reaches a climax in a much quicker amount of time. I one-hour session with a man will typically involve a minute massage and 30 minutes of genital stimulation resulting in at least one ejaculation.

Women are very different, they can take one hour just to relax and become comfortable and this means that they will not be settled and experience an orgasm if they are rushed and book a female-to-female yoni massage for one hour. A typical woman will take one hour to reach a point of relaxation where she will allow the therapist to explore her intimate regions and another 30 minutes to one hour to reach climax. So if you are booking a yoni massage and are in a rush or think that one hour is sufficient we encourage you to take a two-hour booking. Men and women are simply wired differently and a yoni massage needs more time. If you are a lady and want to try a female-to-female yoni massage be sure to contact us and make a booking.


Girl on Girl Massage Bali
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