This month we are exploring an interesting topic, Are all holes the same?  Well based on our vast expertise in this area we would have to conclude that they are similar but there are noticeable differences.  The first thing to note is the look, this varies greatly, sometimes the lips are long, some are short.  The opening can be wide or tight.  Then there is the feel.  Most will be a snug fit, they can stretch and stretch but will usually adjust back to their normal size in a short time.  On a rare occasion it is so tight that one cannot enter with ease even with the aid of lubricant but on most occasions there it is a fairly tight but snug fit.  An important finding is that it can pretty much accommodate any size.  The worst outcome is a very loose fit with little or no sensation at all.  The ladies in Bali being Asian usually don’t have this issue.  Enjoy your experience.


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