Paying Someone to leave

There is an old saying “pay someone to leave”  It does make alot of sense.  Many times a person visits a tourist destination and they simply want to enjoy a cold beer, the weather the local food and well meet an interesting person for a brief but delightful encounter.  A moment of fun.  Life is short why not??  But there is a hidden agenda.  Many girls want money, ongoing payments, tales and stories of sick parents or will tell you that you are Mr Right when they probably have 10 guys just like you all sending payments to their bank accounts on a regular basis.  Screw that, don’t be a fool, especially if the girl you meet in Bali is from Java, you met her at the beach or bar/club and she does not appear to have a day job.  There is a better way to have alot of fun and pay someone to leave.  No headaches or ongoing payments.


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