So What is a Good Massage in Bali??

A nice back massage is awesome, a foot massage is so relaxing as is a nice head and neck massage but we as adults all know that having an orgasm can be extremely relaxing and release a great amount of stress and tension.   People are too taboo about letting someone give them a powerful orgasm and if you come to Bali you should let one of our masseuses goto work on your body.   80% of women sadly never even have an orgasm with their partner, imagine all the built up stress and tension being held in their body.  As for guys in Western countries most of them simply want someone to goto work and give them a good stroke without all the hassles and without paying too much money.  We this is exactly what we provide.  Do you selves a favor, avoid sleazy bar girls in clubs who have a variety of STDs, even worse stay well clear of escorts selling their services which are massively overprices and funny enough are the same girls as in the bars/clubs.   Simply text us on our whatsap number and within 1.5 hours someone who is polite attractive and very appealing will give you first a great massage then will work your privates and teach you what a wild time in Bali really is.  That is why you are here!!! A great Bali Massage.

March 2017 What makes a Great Bali Massage

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