Ask 100 of women what color penis they prefer and more than 90% will respond saying a white Caucasian penis is the most attractive. Even non white women will respond with a 90% or higher rating. Research indicates when I women mentally thinks of a penis she is thinking of a white to pink color penis that is Caucasian, thick hard and around 8 inches in size. This is the typical women’s mental ideal of a perfect appealing penis. To date we have noticed many men focus on size and want to have a bigger penis. Most men who are Middle Eastern, East Asian, South East Asian, India and Non White Latinos have a very tanned to dark brown penis which is 4 – 5 inches. They are aware of what the typical women regardless of her ethnicity things of the perfect penis. We have noticed many men are now not only focusing on penis size but something that they can take more control of which is white is penis color. The ideal is a whitish pink penis and men are seeking to lighten the color of this penis.

Why on earth would they do this? Simple they are aware of what women want and are trying to maximize their appeal. A white penis for many men is the ideal standard. If is simply the most desired penis color by women. Interestingly research strongly suggests that women of non white backgrounds find white penises extremely attractive and it is definitely their preference. So it just makes sense of non white men to want to attain a white penis. They may never have a large 8 inch Caucasian penis but at least they can make it look less dark, lighter and more appealing.

What is my opinion as a woman and what is the opinion of my female friends. Yes why not? If non white guys want to whiten their privates they should be able to do so as long as the whitening cream or process is safe. All of my female friends would describe their ideal penis as an uncut Caucasian penis.. If they date a none white guy which is rare the lighter the penis the more acceptable. The smaller and darker the penis they less attractive. That is simply the way it is and unlike size guys can do something about this visual preference which can improve their overall mental self esteem.

Penis Whitening is in fashion and should not be a problem
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