Tantric sensual healing from one of our therapists Dewi. Dewi says that having positive sexual energy in your daily life is a great thing for everyone. Dewi is the “sexual doula” that my friends call. I am here to see her West Village apartment and work space to learn more.

Dewi is a West Coast transplant who holds a psychology degree and is a tantric masseuse. Her job is designed to “help people reach their full potential for pleasure,” she says. It’s sexwork with a healing twist. She works with clients who have a variety of goals. These include exploring their sexuality and overcoming trauma from sexual assault.

Tantric Sensual Healing in Bali is available for both men and women

Dewi is both dynamic and beautiful. It is easy to understand why narrow-minded women and men would trust Dewi to massage their naked bodies, and genitals after their first meeting. Because I am not yet ready, I ask her to explain what a session is like.

“I commence the therapy with energy work,” she says. She’s also a Reiki master and can bring clients’ emotions to the surface. After that, she will start the “sacred spot” massage for the G-spot, or prostate.

Dewi usually wears sheer lingerie, even though the client is naked. As certain outcomes are likely, she also wears gloves. “Every man comes. Our sexuality is more stigmatized and conditioned for women. We are puzzles. Sometimes women feel stuck. The whole session is pointless. The experience is not about coming. It’s about the sensation and feeling.” Clients are willing to pay $400 per hour for this experience. Thankfully with our service at Tantric Bali Massage is much more affordable.

Tantric massage stimulates the nerves in the sex organs. This creates new sensations for the brain. Dewi says that many things can occur in a tantric session. It’s usually about clearing out any blockages in the body that can allow more sexual energy to flow. This allows people to express themselves more freely in the world, be more creative, more in the zone for genius, more awake and turned on, and is generally happier.

She continues, “Sometimes there is darkness, tears, or rage,” but the beauty of tantra, she says, “You can allow your body to access trauma pain in a safe manner, allowing it surface in a safe container and then transform through the magic of orgasm.”

Dewi claims that she has always been curious about her sexuality and the relationships between men. She feels called to this practice. “My first tantric session was a success. The client wept after coming, and I held them invulnerability. I discover this is what I have been yearning for all my life.

Her clients are a mix of housewives, doctors and nine-to-fivers. They only found her through word-of-mouth. Sara, a 50-year-old lawyer, began seeing Dewi after her divorce. My husband kept me down by putting me in a box and denying my sexuality. So, I thought, “I sucked in bed, I suckat sex.” But Dewi was generous, kind, and open to my expectations after I scheduled a session. She explained that I wasn’t restricted in my sexuality but that I was limited in my voice. I have gotten over my hump since then. I feel more free and light because of her work. I am more giggly.”

Although none of her clients were able to say that the sessions had completely healed their ailments, all agreed that they were crucial to any journey they were on. The most powerful testimonials I received were from clients who suffered sexual abuse. “These women are grateful for the safe space they have to share their experiences with someone and to let go of any guilt or shame. Dewi shares that she has witnessed many emotional breakthroughs and catharsis.

Tess, a woman in her forties who works in healthcare, started seeing Dewi to help her work through the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. I thought that therapy had helped me. “But I was not feeling or experiencing the sensual pleasure from sex and all that goes with it.”

Dewi enjoys both men and women and prefers Western/Europen clients

Dewi has been visiting her every three to four weeks. Tess said that she is now more at ease with her body, and more open to touching. It’s one of the most powerful energy work I have done and an important part my mental and spiritual therapy.

Dewi is reticent to tell anyone outside her circle about her activities. She’s worried about her family’s reaction and the legal implications if her work is made public. Although Dewi has noble intentions, New York law prohibits her from exchanging money for sexual contact. “There is a lot of unnecessary darkness involved with this type of work and misogynistic patriarchy and religion doesn’t really have positive feelings towards people’s sexuality. She says that there is a lot of judgment.

In July, Dewi was certified as a tantric masseuse. She hopes to write about her experiences in the future and also teach classes with her boyfriend. She sees this as her career, despite the fact that she will have to manage her family’s reactions while remaining discreet. It’s worth it for her and her clients.

“Not everyone understands or even believes in this work. But I would say that everyone who attends a session is so happy to have come.” When you visit Bali and are in need of some tantric sensual healing make a booking with us.

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