How To Attract A Guy With Your Own Natural Pheromones

We live in a world full of perfumes and deodorants but nature has helped us naturally to attract men and most women today and doing themselves a disservice and are not even aware of it.  Every woman releases pheromones, at certain times of the month they release natural pheromones and this will massively help you should you want to attract a guy.  Below is the process to naturally attract men with your own pheromones.

Most importantly you have to time this exercise.  You cannot do this any time but when your body is ready.  You will need to wait 6 or 7 days from your last period and stop doing this 6-7 days before your period is due.  This gives you about 12-15 days where you are ready every month to follow this procedure.  Your body is ready, ready to reproduce and attract a mate.

Secondly, only wash with warm water.  Repeat only wash with warm water.  No soap at all, no fem-wash or artificial product, just warm water.  Your vagina is meant to have an odor, a natural odor, and when your body is ready it will release the right pheromones to attract a guy.   Ideally just after your last period start washing only with warm water.  Showering once a day is good enough, twice a day is also great but the key is just to use warm water.

No deodorant or perfume.  This is also very important.  The cosmetic companies will hate me for saying this but you don’t want your pheromones overpowered by some unnatural smell that will block them out.  Again we would highly recommend only washing with warm water, the natural way is the best.  Remember you objective here is to attract a mate.  If you are physically very active or live in a hot climate then we would recommend showering twice a day.

Finally were a skirt with no under wear.  Yes you have read this correctly.  A skirt, not too short but more importantly no underwear under the skirt.  Wearing underwear will block your natural pheromones.  You objective is to release these pheromones around you and a male will biologically pick up on them.  You will start to attract men like never before.  The image of the skirt above is ideal.  Not too short or too long.

The above process is ideal for you to start attracting lots of guys naturally, it is a technique I have used and many of my girlfriends now adopt with great success.   Good luck


A Tantric Secrete to Attracting Men
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