A few years back there was a website making a killing on the internet.  They were in all different parts of the world and also in Bali.  Girls would post pictures of their face, ass, pussy and advertise sexual services for money.  This website was BACKPAGE!!!!  Unfortunately or fortunately the US Government shut them down in early 2018 and it was a massive game changer for independent whores advertising their ass on the net.  Backpage was not liked at all by escort sites as it meant girls did not need an agency to promote them and they were able to deal direct with the client.  So losing Backpage cost independent sex workers their business.  But like all things on the internet, industries don’t simply disappear they change and evolve.

Tinder was set up to be a dating site but a dating site with a twist.  Instead of being a normal dating site it was a lets have sex no strings attached site and it has been a success world wide.   Now never underestimate the intelligence of a whore, they are very good at sniffing out new ways to make money selling their pussy and they are quick to learn from one another. They simply go on Tinder and make friends with as many guys in their vicinity.   They get interested responses and arrange to meet up and swap whatapp mobile numbers.   Great looks like someone is going on a date.   Then they will message the guy example: “Yes lets meet up tonite at 8pm however I will need $200 as I am broke and out of work right now but I will make it up to you with a night of wild fun xxx”  and someone yes someone will part with $200.  This is their daily grind, 10-15 minutes of hard work hunting for Johns on Tinder setting them up to make money later in the evening.

It’s happening in Bali it’s happening in Kingston Jamacia, it’s happening in New York London and Bolivia.  Whoring online is global and they learn from each other.  Good bye Backpage and hello Tinder.  It gets better, they can whore anywhere in the world.  Girls from Russia wanting to escape the shit winter will go somewhere warmer with tourists and put they pussy on Tinder and hunt for customers.  They are on holiday and they are making money, half the girls on holiday taking 10 – 15 minutes while tanning at the pool or beach and setting up client meetings later in the day.  The next time you goto the gym and see attractive whorish girls working out midday know she is on Tinder making her money.   The disturbing thing is these independent girls actually charge more than the escort agencies.  They have become greedy but hey that means if you want to save some dollars and still get a great blow job in Bali just cum to us for assistance.



Tinder A Website for Prostitutes in Bali
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