Circumcision, Cut or Uncut, A Female Opinion

Well I am a female and I have had my fare share of long term and short term boy friends.  I also have many lady friends like me and it is always a surprise to unzip a guy and find out if he is snipped or natural.  For me it is no big deal but my preference and the vast majority of my female friends included would be to have a natural uncut guy, lets examine why.

It’s natural, don’t mess with nature.  We all know that the foreskin exists to protect the glans of the penis so why remove it.  A guys tool is very important and any added protect is a good thing, even mother nature had this idea and humans evolved with foreskin.  Not only does it protect the end of the glans but it preserves the nerve endings.  Preserving the nerve endings means more pleasure.

Let’s talk about pleasure.  A natural guy has approximately 50% more glans nerve endings that a cut guy, the end result means way more pleasure.  Who doesn’t like pleasing their guy, it is the biggest turn on.  Circumcision decreases the sensitivity of sex and that is not a good thing.

Now lets look at more Tantric themes, blow jobs and hand jobs are way easier to perform on a natural guy.  It is so easy and that is the way it was intended to be.  Pulling the guy back and forth, oral, it all just makes sense.  With a cut guy some lubricant is definitely needed as their is more friction.

Lets talk about odor.  Like a pussy a cock is meant to have an odor.  Anyone who showers once or twice a day and who has before being fondled by their partner recently showered will not have an odor or the odor will be very mild.  This is great!!!  I always make sure I am showered and so have my previous partners, it’s just common courtesy.  The same can be said for kissing a person, brush your teeth, chew gum drink some water before going there.

Then there is religious reasons.  So many religions have a sick and twisted view of sex and pleasure.  We are animals, we have animistic urges and reproductive areas what respond to pleasure.  Circumcision is practiced in many regions to curb sexual desire and pleasure, now that is truly sick.

Finally it is just cruel.  Cutting off the skin off a baby or young boy.  Did they give their consent?  Who asked for their permission?  One day I hope they file law suits, they have been sexually mutilated.  If there is a medial issue and performing a cut is necessary then I understand but these situation are few and far between.  My opinion and the view is held by most women I know is leave it uncut, it’s better.  If you want a hand job or blowjob regardless of you being cut or uncut we are hear to help.

Cut Vs Uncut Guys
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