Yoni Loni Massage Finally No Longer Taboo

Look at the above image, what image comes to mind in your head.  There is nothing rude or wrong or dirty about what you perceive the image to be or look like.  The image is a fruit, it is a strawberry and they are very tasty.  They are natural and part of nature.  The image you are thinking about is also natural and part of nature, there is nothing dirty or rude about your mental image.  Sadly through thousands of years of male dominated society certain topics and feelings are labelled taboo and unacceptable.  One such topic is a woman’s sexuality.  Women for far too long have been made to feel ashamed of their sensual side and have had to hide it and repress it.  Well it is 2018 and times have changed, today women have greater freedom to express themselves in society including their sensuality.  No longer will they conform and be dictated to by sexist men who cannot have an erection, finally there is freedom!!!

It was not to dissimilar thousands of years ago in more accepting cultures, Ancient India was a very different place from the misogynistic  India today as was ancient Egypt and the Middle East.  Women would often please each other with their touch as they were more knowledgeable at providing stress release and pleasure to another women than a man was.  So it is with a Yoni or Loni Massage.  It requires a delicate woman’s touch to alleviate stress from another woman’s body and mind.  Call it sexual, call it masturbation, we are not concerned with what you call it.  If feels great and we offer this service in Bali for you to enjoy guilt free and with discretion and privacy.  Make a booking or for more information about our Bali Massages please contact us 


Yoni Massage for adventurous women

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