This is a question many people ask and I don’t know why they ask this question as the answer is so obvious. Off course most Asian women love white men. Globally, not just in one particular country will you find lots of Asian women dating white men and very few Asian men date white women. There is a clear preference for white men to find Asian women attractive and likewise for Asian women to want to date white men.

In Bali you will see Indonesian women run to white guys and maybe 20 years ago it was to make money but now it is different. They simply want to experience a white man. The secret is out, Asian men are much much smaller, are less masculine and have less testosterone. White men in the eyes of most Asian women as physically much more appealing. There are exceptions, some women go for the extremely feminine k-pop Korean men who look and act more like prepubescent girls but the same women will also want to hook up with a white guy later at night.

The hook up is also different. Alot of the time the girls will not want to settle down with the white guy or take them home to their parents. It’s a physical thing. It is a one night experience, it is a point of discussing. Hey I picked up this hot white guy last night, oh my god he was huge and amazing, I have never had an orgasm like that. Really I have to try that!! That is what they want to talk about with their friends. They will hook up with white guys on the quiet even if they have boyfriends. Women today want to try different things and Asian girls, especially ones coming from traditional families what to experience being with a white guy before they settle down. It is totally a sex thing. The word has got out, white guys are freakier and more fun in the bedroom.

This is across Asian cultures, regardless is the girl is from Java, China, Bali Japan Malaysia they want to try a white guy. It is taboo, it is exciting and they want to be stretched by a white guy because chances are their Asian partner does not have the cubic inches. Ones who are more open minded or from more progressive families will openly date white guys and even marry them. Socially it is an upward move, financially westerners earn more money and the sex is much much better. Alot of white guy/asian girl couples are very sexually adventurous and will participate in swingers parties and orgies which is an added bonus to the sex life that would not happen if the girl marries an Asian partner. So do Asian girls love white guys? Off course they do. If you are on holiday in Bali and want to experience one of our Asian therapists who will pleasure you then contact us today. There are many girls to choose from.

Do Asian Women Love White Men?
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