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A question of size. Not All Holes are the same

When we think of size we immediately thing on the penis and if we are not talking about the penis then size refers to the woman’s breasts or the size of a woman’s booty but the discussion we should be having is a chat about the size of a woman’s vagina.

It takes two to tango and when we thing of genital size we must consider the size of a woman’s hole. Not all men are the same and equally not all women are the same. Some women struggle to fit two figures into their vagina and others can take two fists and still have room. Clearly the size and depth of a woman’s hole is vast so what do the experts say on the subject.

Their are ethnic differences. White Caucasian women have the largest vaginas. They are long and deep and the opening of a Caucasian vagina is larger than that of other races. Women of African origin have much smaller openings and their vaginas or pumpkin seeds shaped. Latin women appear to have heart shaped vaginas, their openings are not as large as a Caucasian vagina are wide and not as deep as a Caucasian hole. Asian “oriental women have the smallest and tightest vaginas and many men claim they produce the most pleasure.

Beyond race and ethnicity vagina size changes during a woman’s life. Teen and young women have tight holes and immediately. Like the penis when a vagina is aroused is increases in length and can stretch many times its original size.

Unlike the penis which is an external organ the vagina size of a woman can be predicted based on the woman’s bone structure in particular their pelvic region and hips. Tall women will have a longer pelvic are and a deeper vagina when fully aroused. Women with wide hips will be able to stretch wider that a women with narrower hips. Many cultures find it highly desirable for women to have large hips. It is an indication that she will be able to have an easy child birth.

Now what I am about to say needs to be digested. Woman A may be able to stretch wider than woman B but at the same time be tighter than the woman B who cant stretch as wide. The ideal vagina feels very tight but is very deep and can stretch very wide if needed. It is a functional vagina. Many Asian women have very tight holes and provide great pleasure but can at the same time stretch very wide as they give birth to babies with large heads. African origin women have very tight holes and have difficulty stretching. Caucasian women from northern and eastern Europe as able to stretch the widest and are capable of giving birth to very large babies. Many men complain that Caucasian women often feel very loose and provide the least amount of pleasure but we must not every individual is different and not all Caucasian women are capable of taking three fists or several toys all at the same time. If you happen to be in Bali and want to experience a tight Asian hole then feel free to contact us.

The Size of a Woman is just as Important as the Size of a Man
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