Bring back the good old days in Bali when we did not have to socially distance

Well we are all doing it tough and we have been doing it tough for some time now. This Chinese Pandemic has endured for over a year and we may not go back to a normal life till 2022. That would mean nearly 24 months of being deprived and not enjoying simple and natural pleasures that we once took for granted. Remember when you could just come to Bali, book one of our girls and they would provide tender care for your pole and even your girlfriends hole. Well those happy days are right now a vague memory.

My advice is watch movie where you can see your favourite Asian actress receive and provide pleasure to a well build male actor and simply imaging the actor is you. There is nothing like having a helper in the bedroom, someone who can assist in providing you and your partner with pleasure and that’s what our girls were great at. Unfortunately Bali is still closed to tourism and that is a good thing. The pandemic is so bad here the authorities are not even reporting it. If they increased testing 10 fold they would most likely find 20 times the cases. They are predictable, they will always focus on the economy over peoples lives so Bali should open up soon. My only advice is make sure you get your vaccine before coming here. You can expect them to do what they always do. Completely mess things up and brag about what an amazing job they are doing.

The only job that is amazing is the one with blow at the front of it. The poor girls have all gone home to Java, a hellish place with a theology that sucks the fun out of life. They have also been deprived of things they crave and enjoy, white men and lets not be sexist, white women as well. Indonesia women simply cannot get enough and want you back in Bali. Oh well, we must all be patient, use our imagination and hand or favourite toy. Look at the image on this page, lets remember when this was the highlight of your Bali adventure and lets be positive. Give it six or so months and she could be playing with you or even your girlfriend.

Remember the good times when social distancing did not exist
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