Our agency offers a tantra massage Bali experience. A tantra massage is derived from the word tantra.  It is a very ancient practised in an age perhaps more open-minded than the current world many of us live in.  Let’s first explain what Tantra is.

So lets first explain what we mean by Tantra

Tantra has its roots in the Hindu and Buddhist philosogies and theologies.  It date back thousands of years and is a concept widley practices in many parts of Asian and now thankfully many parts of the world.  It is about connecting with your inner sensuality. There are places on the human body, erogenous regious that are sensual it touched.  The whole idea of tantra is about a person exploring these areas of their body without shame or feeling of guilt and experiencing pleasure.

If you think about it, Buuddhsm preaches to not acquire material gain and simply be happy with ones self.  To explore ones self mentally, spiritually and physically is encouraged. If one can gain pleasure exploring and stimulating their erogenous regions then this is healthy and something that should be encouranged.

Tantra is not only physical but is beneficial to the mind, body and spirit

This is a physical sensation but Hinduism and Buddhism theology takes it further.  Tantra can cure remedy ailments in the body and mind.  It is not something that just makes us feel good.  Interestingly many modern scientific studies know all too well that activities such as masturbation can mentally relax a person, reduce stress and anxiety. Equally important this type of activity is beneficial for the reproductive organs, reduces blood pressure and can help balance hormonal levels. So science it backing up what these ancient practices preached about thousands of years ago.

The practise of Tantra has clashed with three very popular theology

The history of Tantra has not always been so harmonious.  Unfortunately, other religions have a very different view of such practices.  Three major world religions come to mind.  They view self-pleasure to be dirty, shameful and in some cases demonic.  Indonesia has unfortunately sucome to such a theology and it has even had an influence on the Hindu Island.  Balinese Hindus are almost nieve to the concept of Tantra as the wider religion in Indonesia would consider this act dirty and taboo.  The good news is I don’t really care about these theologies opinions and concerns and if you are reading this my guess is you are like me open minded. 

So now we have a better understanding of Tantra let’s look at what a Tantra Massage is.

Tantra is an individual act.  A tantra massage is when another person performs tantra on you.  It can take on many forms, the therapist may stimulate you which their hands or they many be more creative and perform various acts detailed in the karma sutra. These may include performing oral on you or various other forms or positions including your body and the therapists forming a union.  I stress again sadly in Bali, Indonesia and many parts of the world this would be considers taboo and corrupt law enforcement would call it illegal.  Who cares. They are not going to be involved and will not be able to extort.  We will ensure they are completely out of the loop as I consider corruption and greed dirt not sensuality.  So when this awful pandemic is over and you once again visit Bali, contact our agency to engage in a deeply sensual tantra massage.   

Tantra Massage Bali – now you know what to expect so take a look at our therapists

Tantra Massage Bali | What exactly is a Tantra Massage?
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