So If the Elderly Are 20 times more likely to died from Covid 19 why are they being vaccinated last?

So one of the worlds most corrupt and greedy governments have come out and stated they are going to vaccinate the elderly last. That is correct, while countries around the world with proper governments are desperately trying to vaccinate the elderly as a top priority in South East Asia a certain Government is making them the lowest priority and as if this was not bad enough the reason is even more despicable,.

Apparently the decision is health related, they are concerned the vaccine may be dangerous to the elderly. Wow are they actually concerned with the wellbeing of the elderly. Off course not. They are interested in getting a return on their investment and unfortunately the elderly are in the eyes of these officials simply worth less. The elderly don’t contribute financially to society thus their time and labour cannot be exploited the same way the younger members of society can. It all about money and getting the economy back, The health and wellbeing of the elderly as simply not important.

Now let’s look at the health concerns, apparently the vaccine could be dangerous because it has not been tested on the elderly. Rubbish, it’s not dangerous at all. This type of vaccine has been used for decades so the argument that it could be dangerous is absolute nonsense, ask any Doctor or Virologist and they will concur. It will however be used to justify their decision of this aweful government. The fact is they elderly in this country are 20 times more likely to died from Covid 19 compared to a person under 59 so if they actually cared about the aged members of their society they would be doing what every other well run country is doing. Making it a priority to vaccinate the elderly first.

The greatest crime is the elite rich, the top 1%, do you think they are going to allow the aged members of their own families to wait many months, perhaps well over one year to get vaccinated. Hell no, they probably got the vaccine last week. They world we live in can be brutal and to think of such injustice can be stressful. Get your vaccine and in a few months when the world returns to normal let one of our therapists relax you below the belt.

Why are the elderly being vaccinated last?
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